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Simplify your Off-Premise Reporting with Automated Reconciliation
from Nextbite

Say goodbye to tedious reporting and manual errors.
Your accounting team is going to love you.

Nextbite’s automated reconciliation tool helps you take control of your financial reporting across multiple delivery service providers. Say goodbye to cumbersome manual reporting, eliminate messy Excel sheets, reduce manual errors, and ensure accurate payouts from delivery providers.
Our Reconciliation engine compiles all of a restaurant’s delivery service transactions (such as orders, promotions, rebates, and cancellations) from multiple DSPs into one standardized format and reconciles them together, producing a unified overview financial statement.

How It Works

1. Add a list of your physical locations
2. Upload reports from your delivery service providers
3. The Reconciliation engine consolidates the assorted
reports into one standardized dataset
4. Download your reconciliation report
5. Use a smart report template to surface common
data or DSP issues

DSP Integrations

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And More to Come!

Key Benefits

Generate custom financial reports

Find lost revenue from DSPs

Align your organization across locations, DSPs, and virtual brands

Consolidate and reconcile data from a variety of delivery service providers

Standardize data across DSPs, enabling deeper analysis

Increase reporting speed and accuracy

Filter by location, legal entities, and custom groups