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June 28, 2022

Going All In On Virtual Restaurants with Alex Canter, CEO of Nextbite - 7shifts Restaurant Growth Podcast

Alex Canter talks about what it was like to be in charge of “all things new” at Canter's Deli and how a fax machine initiated his idea to create Nextbite's Ordermark technology. 7shifts brings together restaurant leaders from all corners of our industry: full-service, quick-service, tech, and everyone who helps push hospitality forward.


June 15, 2022

Nextbite's Alex Canter - Tastemakers Podcast

In the latest episode of the Tastemakers Podcast, Alex Canter, Nextbite CEO, discusses his early experience in the restaurant space & how Nextbite is creating turn-key delivery-only brands driving incremental revenue to restaurants while utilizing our underlying technology, Ordermark.


May 31, 2022

The One with Alex Canter of Nextbite - PodSaas Podcast

In this PodSaas episode, host Chris Sheng sits down with Alex Canter, CEO of Nextbite, to discuss how growing up working at Canter's Deli fueled his entrepreneurial spirit and his hopes to make a big impact with Nextbite.


March 31, 2022

Alex Canter with Nextbite - Corner Booth

In this episode of the Corner Booth podcast, we learn how Alex conceived and developed Nextbite to help independent operators maximize revenue with very little additional operating costs.


February 17, 2022

Alex Canter, Founder of Nextbite, Virtual Restaurant Afficionado - Forktales

In this episode of the Forktales podcast, Alex Canter unpacks his journey in the restaurant space & and how virtual restaurants are changing the game for both consumers and restaurant operators around the nation. They dive into Nextbite's path forward and the future of the restaurant industry as a whole.


January 21, 2022

Building a Virtual Brand To Boost the Restaurant Industry - Top Business Leaders Show

In this episode of the SpotOn Series, Chad Franzen is joined by Paul Allen, President and Co-founder of Nextbite, to discuss how he is helping local restaurant owners with a new virtual restaurant. Paul talks about why he’s passionate about keeping local restaurants alive, how his other company, Ordermark, helps businesses with online ordering and delivery, and the process of partnering with Nextbite.


January 5, 2022

How Ghost Kitchens and Virtual Brands Could Change the Restaurant Industry - Restaurant Business

Denny Marie Post, former Red Robin CEO and Nextbite Advisor, discusses how these mega trends could change the restaurant industry for years to come in this Restaurant Business Deeper Dive podcast.


December 10, 2021

Leverging Technology to Innovate the Restaurant Space with Paul Allen - BusinessTalk Library: Food + Finance

Paul Allen, Nextbite President and Co-founder, discusses leveraging technology to innovate the restaurant space.


December 10, 2021

Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor Paul Allen on Resilience - Startup Wealth

Startup founder and Nextbite President Paul Allen shares what he’s learned about resilience from all points in the startup lifecycle as an entrepreneur, mentor, and early angel investor.


November 4, 2021

Ghost Kitchens, Virtual Brands, and the Power of Wiz Khalifa - QSR Uncut

QSR editor Danny Klein catches up with industry innovator and change-marker Alex Canter, the CEO of Nextbite, to chat about all things virtual brands, and why COVID ushered in a digital era for restaurants that's just getting started.


September 10, 2021

Increase Sales with a Virtual Kitchen - Restaurant Rockstars

In this Restaurant Rockstars Podcast, Nextbite CEO and co-founder Alex Canter discusses the virtual restaurant space and the benefits it brings to existing brick and mortar restaurants.


September 7, 2021

Delivering Value to Operators - Foodable Network

Paul Allen, President and Co-founder at Nextbite, explores delivery-only brands for restaurants across the country and how they can add value for these operators.


September 1, 2021

OMG Hi! with Alex Canter - George Lopez Podcast

Alex Canter, CEO of Nextbite and heir to the 'Canters Deli' dynasty, comes on to discuss his cutting edge 'virtual restaurant' partnership with George that resulted in the launch of George Lopez Tacos.


August 10, 2021

How Has Guest Behavior Evolved? - The Main Course Podcast

On this episode of The Main Course, Host Barbara Castiglia talked with Alex Canter, CEO of Ordermark, which helps restaurants increase efficiency and grow profits by aggregating mobile orders across all of the major online-ordering services into a single dashboard and printer.


July 13, 2021

The Future of Virtual Restaurants - Land of the Giants

There's a secret world of restaurants that you can only find when you open up the delivery apps. Alex Canter, Nextbite CEO, dives into this brave new world of ghost kitchens and virtual brands, which has allowed traditional restaurants to access new revenue streams and shape new concepts and menus.


June 7, 2021

Tech Innovations from Restaurant Royalty: Alex Canter of Canter's Deli and Ordermark - FULL COMP: The Voice of the Restaurant Industry Revolution

Alex Canter is a restaurateur working to fix the problems he sees within the industry by creating the solutions himself. This episode discusses the tech he created to serve his own needs and how we, as an industry, can benefit from his efforts



Alex Canter Manages the Online Ordering Services of Restaurants - Action and Ambition

Alex Canter, the CEO and Co-Founder of Ordermark, discusses his goal to manage the online ordering services of restaurants. Raised in a family of restaurateurs, he recognized the importance of alleviating the hassles of the restaurant’s operational efficiency. Today, as one of Forbes 30 under 30, Alex is actively mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs. Let’s share in his journey of success today.


May 19, 2021

How to Best Build a Virtual Brand - Restaurant Business

Nextbite CEO and co-founder Alex Canter joins this Restaurant Business podcast “A Deeper Dive” to talk about the best strategies for creating virtual brands.


February 23, 2021

Industry Innovator, Alex Canter, CEO of Ordermark - Tech Chef Industry Innovations

Alex Canter, CEO of Ordermark/Nextbite discusses Virtual Kitchens and Capital Investments


February 16, 2021

Restaurant Misfits Podcast: Alex Canter - Total Food Service

Alex Canter, CEO of Ordermark/Nextbite discusses innovating in the restaurant space and shares some exciting new concepts


May 19, 2020

The Necessary Evil of Delivery Apps with Alex Canter of Ordermark - The Feed

Alex Canter isn't just the founder of an online delivery management platform, he's also the fourth generation of the famed Canter's Deli in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. We talk about everything from the potential Uber/Grubhub acquisition to the harsh realities currently facing the oversaturated restaurant industry. If you're curious about where the future of dining is heading, this is a must-listen conversation.


March 8, 2022

Building Success with Virtual Restaurants

Nextbite advisors and industry leaders, Denny Post and Sunil Sudhakar, cover topics including how to maximize your restaurant’s existing infrastructure and boost your profit margin by adding virtual restaurant concepts to your operation in this Food on Demand Webinar.


February 15, 2022

Nextbite and The Restaurant Boss

Nextbite and The Restaurant Boss invite you to a roundtable discussion on the future of the restaurant industry and the benefits of adding a virtual restaurant to your existing brick and mortar.