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Much like Godfrey Orozco endeavors to establish his restaurants as cornerstones within the communities he serves, Nextbite virtual brands stand as unwavering presence in his kitchens, aiding him in achieving his aspirations and satisfying his customers with the diverse array of cuisines they crave.

Orozco’s journey into the restaurant industry started following five years as a commercial fisherman in Alaska. “I began as a dishwasher, then progressed to roles as a cook, bartender, assistant manager, and eventually manager,” he recounts. “Eight years ago, I had the opportunity to acquire El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant, after dedicating fifteen years to climbing the ranks.” Subsequently, he acquired a second establishment, Las Margaritas, several years later.

In the selection process of which Nextbite brands to incorporate into his kitchen, Orozco initially gravitated towards the obvious choice, George Lopez Tacos, due to its seamless alignment with his Mexican-themed menu. However, he quickly recognized the compatibility of his kitchen inventory with offerings such as Huevorito, Firebelly Wings, and CraveBurger, and  integrated these brands into his repertoire as well.

At his second location, he focuses on lunchtime menus like The Big Melt and Lucky Dragon Fried Rice, as his dinner dining room traffic keeps his kitchen staff busy. “The first time a delivery driver arrived to pick up a Lucky Dragon Fried Rice order from a Mexican restaurant, there was some confusion,” Orozco recalls, “But given our inventory of rice, chicken, and vegetables, we are more than capable of crafting exceptional fried rice for our customers.”

Throughout his professional odyssey, Orozco has identified a crucial component of his success: besides catering to his faithful clientele, he places a premium on supporting the families of his dedicated employees. The additional revenue generated by Nextbite brands enables him to provide competitive wages and navigate the seasonal fluctuations inherent to the restaurant industry. “As summer approaches and patrons gravitate towards outdoor activities, foot traffic in our dining room naturally wanes, but our delivery service experiences a surge,” Orozco elaborates. “During such periods, the inclusion of Nextbite brands significantly bolsters our delivery earnings.”

A significant hurdle arose for his business just a year prior when a fire, ignited by individuals residing in makeshift shelters nearby, inflicted substantial damage upon his establishment. “We were forced to shutter operations for fifteen days while undertaking repairs, and I had eight families reliant on the restaurant,” he recounts. “During this challenging period, Nextbite provided invaluable support, ensuring I had the resources necessary to resume kitchen operations.”

Orozco extends a word of encouragement to anyone contemplating the integration of virtual brands into their culinary ventures: “Give it a try! The setup process was remarkably straightforward, with instructional charts for the kitchen walls and informative YouTube videos accessible for staff to acquaint themselves with crafting the various menu items,” he asserts. “The response from my team has been overwhelmingly positive.”