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Nextbite Brand Resources

Nextbite provides customer service for drivers, customers and restaurants. Please use the directory below to reach us for your specific brand questions. We have also included helpful training videos and materials for your reference. Please reach out to if you need additional support.

Brand Website Phone Number Training Videos Training Materials 
Crack’t  1-888-682-6757 Playlist Folder 
CraveBurger 1-888-259-5475 Playlist Folder 
Firebelly Wings 1-888-284-6146 Playlist Folder 
Garlic Bread Pizza Co 1-872-278-6458 Playlist Folder 
Grilled Cheese Society 1-888-422-8951 Playlist Folder  
Hatch House 1-888-610-2584 Playlist Folder 
HuevoRito 1-888-401-4532 Playlist Folder  
Lucky Dragon Fried Rice 1-866-665-1953 Playlist Folder 
Miss Mazy’s Amazin’ Chicken 1-888-548-0537 Playlist Folder 
Monster Mac 1-888-516-2364 Playlist Folder 
Outlaw Burger 1-888-548-0599 Playlist Folder 
Packed Bowls 1-866-308-2809 Playlist Folder 
The Big Melt 1-888-633-9509 Playlist Folder 
Veg-e-licious  1-888-313-0284 Playlist Folder 
Wild Wild Wings 1-888-729-4870 Playlist Folder