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Auto-Reconciliation Solution

Streamline burdensome accounting required for your post sales delivery services reporting
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We’re excited to introduce you to an auto-reconciliation solution that helps multi-location restaurants better scale their delivery business with a streamlined tool for post sales reporting and accounting from all online delivery service providers (DSPs). Created to work as a standalone product or with Nextbite’s Ordermark online ordering/delivery management platform, the new reconciliation solution addresses a significant resource drain for restaurants currently forced to process each DSP separately post sales.

How It Works

  • The Nextbite Reconciliation solution collects all of a restaurant’s delivery service transaction reports (containing data such as orders, rebates, and cancellations) from multiple DSPs
  • Reports are converted to a standardized format and reconciled together
  • Restaurant operators are provided with a unified overview financial statement, resulting in fast, accurate payouts with drastically reduced accounting resources.

Interested in learning how Nextbite’s auto reconciliation solution can provide your multi-location restaurant brand with consolidated reporting? Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!