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George Lopez believes that this key difference makes his tacos better, exclusive – FoodSided

By June 26, 2021July 21st, 2021Press Release
Having opened successful restaurants, George Lopez is bringing his favorite flavors to even more diners.

June 26, 2021 (FOODSIDED) —

In partnership with Nextbite, George Lopez Tacos is a new virtual restaurant which is available in various cities across the United States. These delivery-only tacos have one key ingredient that Lopez believes will make them the best tacos that people have ever enjoyed.

Recently, FoodSided had the opportunity to speak with  Lopez about this new virtual restaurant endeavor, food memories and his preferred way to eat a taco. While all that information might be a big bite, the flavor experience was one to remember.

Lopez shared that some of his food memories started by helping his grandmother in the kitchen. Lopez appreciates how he was exposed to food and flavor at a young age. As his grandmother would cook, he would take some and create his perfect bite.

As Lopez commented, his grandmother might a create a taco with a little more meat. Yet, he “would make it a little different.” Whether it was a little more “onions and cilantro” or something else, that experience as a child helped him to discover food. It was about “the experience of making the food together” which made a big impression.

In some ways, those early food experiences impacted the food that he serves at his restaurants. While he hopes that all the food is delicious, the goal is to entice guests to not just make the first order but to bring people back.

For Lopez, the “first bite is the first impression and when the first bite is good, then you trust everything else will be good.” That commitment is key for a delivery only restaurant. It is one of the reasons why George Lopez Tacos arrives to the guest un-assembled.

When guests order George Lopez Tacos each component is separate, and guests create their own taco experience. Lopez believes that this idea makes for the best tasting tacos.

It is about “putting the experience back into the hands of the people.” Whether it is a choose your own food adventure or giving people options, it is the key to Lopez Tacos ensuring the best tasting tacos always arrive at the customer’s doorstep.

One component that Lopez wanted to get right was the tortilla. While there are various types of tortillas, Lopez appreciates that the tortilla is important to the overall experience. Although he remembers the differences of his tortillas growing up versus the tortillas he had in Tijuana, the reality is that without a great tortilla, a taco is lacking a great bite.

How does George Lopez create the perfect George Lopez Tacos?

Speaking of tortillas, Lopez shared his way of creating the perfect taco. He shared that in the 80s in Tijuana he learned an important taco trick. For him, the key is to use two tortillas with a taco. “The first one gets all the nice flavor and seasoning from the meat and then second one is your catch-all.” If you tend to spill, this way of eating a taco is a game changer.

Still, that idea is another component to why George Lopez Tacos come with each component separate. Since the brand teaches all the locations how to make its recipes, it wants to ensure that the order is the best possible. By allowing the customer to assemble their own taco, it skips the soggy tortillas and offers the perfect bite every time.

Lopez appreciates that there can be good tacos, but he knows that “but news of a bad one would go farther.” The goal is to bring his authentic, flavorful tacos to everyone, every time. Lopez believes that this partnership with Nextbite has created that hit that will keep on being the best bite every time.

And, what does Lopez recommend as a beverage pairing with his George Lopez Tacos. He said to open a bottle of Jaritos. While there are many flavors in the Jaritos line, he recommends the lime flavor.

Also, he likes Mexican Coca-Cola. Specifically stating that the “sugar in it.” And, he believes that the recycled glass bottle gives it that flavorful experience.

If you are ready for a new taco experience, it might be time to place an order and open a bottle of refreshment. That first bite will make you want to order these tacos over and over again. Like a good laugh from one of his jokes, the lasting memory should make you smile even when you aren’t sitting at the table.

Created by George Lopez and Nextbite, George Lopez Tacos is a delivery only restaurant with locations across the United States. The menu includes La Chingona and La Mas Cabrona, with various meat choices, chips, salsa, guacamole and churro bites. For more information on the brand, locations and how to order, please visit

How do you construct the perfect taco? Do you think that the Lopez Tacos choice to allow guests to assemble the taco themselves is a game changer for food delivery?

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Nextbite is focused on helping restaurant partners successfully enter the virtual restaurant space by diversifying their portfolio, using under-utilized labor and kitchen capacity, and driving demand to increase margins and revenue. It enables brick and mortar restaurants to easily enter the delivery-only business, empowering them in the off-premise space. Founded in 2019 by restaurateur and entrepreneur Alex Canter, Nextbite is the only complete virtual restaurant solution for existing restaurants and kitchens that pairs a proven ordering/delivery management solution with a selection of highly visible, on-trend, delivery-only brands. Headquartered in Denver, Nextbite/Ordermark recently announced the close of its $120M funding round led by SoftBank.