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Let’s face it, not every restaurant is busy 24/7. There are times restaurants need new business and more business. What if restaurants could flip a switch during slow times and suddenly see an increase in sales? Well, it’s now possible with Nextbite.

Drive new business when you need it, prepare your current cuisine, reach a new audience

Nextbite turns existing brick and mortar restaurants into a virtual restaurant (also called a ghost kitchen) by empowering existing restaurants and commercial kitchens to expand reach with multiple different delivery-only brand names using the same ingredients that they are already serving. Plus the brands are marketed through third party delivery apps.

Implementing an omni-channel, off-premise strategy is important for restaurants. Delivery is now a large category of revenue for all types of restaurants, and leveraging a delivery-only virtual brand is a key piece to this. Nextbite offers a portfolio of 17 turnkey delivery-only, virtual restaurant brands, including celebrity brands George Lopez Tacos and HotBox by Wiz Khalifa. Many of which are being utilized across hundreds of locations across the country.

Increase profit margins up to 30%

Nextbite partners with restaurants and other businesses with commercial kitchens of all sizes to provide resources and knowledge to produce more out of the existing output. Each virtual restaurant delivery order placed is generating new incremental revenue. Nextbite pays restaurants 55% of the gross sales of these incremental orders.The hard cost to restaurants is roughly 25%all-inclusive food and packaging costs. If restaurants don’t have to hire extra staff to handle these orders, they have the ability to make up to a 30% profit margin on each extra order that comes into their restaurant—a profit margin that is unheard of in this industry. In fact, most restaurants, if lucky, are operating at a 5 or 10% margin. 

Nextbite has created a more sustainable operation model that works for all types of restaurants, from enterprise to mom and pop, and even nonconventional kitchens.

Easy Onboarding and Support

The Nextbite team handles all of the logistics involvedfrom marketing and promotion, to brand placement and positioning on third party delivery apps, and fixing any ordering issues. By partnering with Nextbite, restaurants are able to focus on what they do best: making delicious meals for hungry customers.

Culinary expert-designed menus and recipes

Let’s be clear though, at the end of the day, a restaurant will only be successful if people are craving the food and want to come back. Restaurants are set-up with chef-created, high-quality virtual, delivery-only concepts backed by consumer insights. The Nextbite brand and culinary teams thoughtfully evaluate the current market and test different food items and recipes. The superstar culinary team includes culinary-trained chefs, an industry recognized food trendologist, a food experience/quality expert, along with a team of line chefs, restaurant operators, supply chain and kitchen training veterans.

So, the Nextbite focus is not about building brands that are going to just sell well or are on trend or in demand, but it’s about nailing the quality of food to keep consumers coming back for more. 

Nextbite is not in the business of renting kitchens or cooking food, but rather partnering with existing restaurants and commercial kitchens to increase business out of their existing operations. Join Nextbite in this revolution and become a restaurant fulfillment partner today.

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